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Toyota Hilux Durability Test – 2

Are Toyota Hiluxes as durable as Top Gear says they are? I get into some car wrecks, pull 30,000lbs uphill in 769th gear, and perform a few more mild tests. #hilux

Toyota Hilux Durability Test – 1

How durable is a Toyota Hilux?


Toyota’s best-selling vehicle is long-running. Toyota Corolla, but second is Toyota’s resilient pickup the Hilux that’s been sold for over 50 years.

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll likely find one moving up to a ton of cargo down a dusty lane.

In the process, it’s turned into a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde vehicle.

On the one hand, it’s the basic indestructible commercial vehicle that thousands of businesses rely on every day.

On the other, it’s become a well-specced weekend leisure vehicle. And in some cases, it’s a bit of both!

So why did this unassuming vehicle get a place of honor at the Top Gear studio, and what other successful vehicles have been born out of this long-running pickup?…continue reading

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